Keep your data encrypted while sending information through smart device


Wireless Internet access is becoming a great user experience. People do not have to haul to cords or have to be tied to wall jack. So, the popularity of smart phones and tablets have made wireless connection so easily available that many users have disposed their cable connections and entertained their new wireless devices. There are many drawbacks of the wireless connection including data security and privacy which leaves user vulnerable to data thieves and hackers.

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Different types of connection types to choose from


Many different connection types that devices use for wireless communications are Wi-Max, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G, are the most common protocols, which makes it easier for users to be confused. Indeed, some uncertainty arises when choosing the most suitable device, but it also crams the understanding as to what types of connection and the variety of protection available to protect the data.

However, at some point, all the wireless connections fail to keep the data secure. While many public Wi-Fi hotspots failed to secure the data sent over air, some wireless communications, like that of 4G, do secure the wireless transmissions but from base station on data readable by public. Therefore, using a VPN for Smart Devices is the sure way to cover the security gap of wireless access regardless of wireless technology which is being used. A VPN for Smart Devices encrypts all data sent between the users’ computer and providers’ servers, which guarantees secured encryption of all the data communicated.


Secured connections are also vulnerable


Users sometimes think that their wireless connections is secured because they enter username and password to the connection that displays a lock symbol next to the name of the connection. Yet, even secured wireless hotspots leave data transmitting over the air and through the internet, which makes it vulnerable to interception by just anyone within among several hundreds of feet. Hackers can snatch data without even being present in the same home or room. The worst situation is that the users do not even know that someone is mischievously copying their data.

However, using the public Wi-Fi hotspots is the least secured accessing method, as they often cover wide areas. In addition, the nature of being open to public, exposes the data sent over the air by anyone using it. A VPN for Smart Devices will create the secured tunnel independent of the any wireless access method.


Bottom Line


Protect your privacy while using public Wi-Fi or Hotspot

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Fully masked unlimited VPN for Smart Devices encrypts all information sent over any internet connection. With very easy-to-use applications available for Android and iOS devices, it is perfect and the best choice to protect all the wired and wireless connection.


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