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Even though there are lots of rules that help to protect your privacy online, but problems still persist. The fact remains, that rules cannot do much in this case. It is the people who need to change their attitude and behavior. But studies have shown that not even half of those who have been a victim of online security issues take any precautions later on. They continue with their social media presence and other such things as they are simply not able to give these up. This is when they are fully aware of their security threats!

Online Privacy and security

Recently, HMA! Team did a research to distinguish different Online ’personas’ and different types of behaviour Online and how it affects users’ privacy and safety. And the link is the summary of survey, Here i will share more detail about this research.


Key Results – The facts on privacy and security


There are some basic facts here. Most people are well aware that their personal information being available online is the main reason that has restricted their use of social media. But it is just 25% of these people who are placing any kind of privacy restrictions on their social media profiles! This depicts how casually people are taking this concept of online privacy.

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And, You already know the VPN can ensure your online privacy,But really few of use it, and you can check the research data.Most people are well aware of the concept of online privacy, basically 67% but still they are not using the available tools to do so. While only 11% are using VPN, just 16% are making use of privacy enhancing browser plug-ins. 13% are using two factor authentication while less than 10% are making use of email encryption programs or any kind of anonymity tool. All this will give you an idea about the quantum of this problem. Even among people who are aware, the attitude towards taking action is lacking.

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Findings Of Regression Analysis


Research done on 2000 US online users has come out with five different types of personas. It is important to understand in order to tackle this issue in an effective manner.

The Old School SharerThere are reactive users who are online in response to the behavior of the world around them. There are ones who belong to the old school and are not very social. Such people do not visit social sites more than once a day. Not even half of such people are looking for an extra layer of protection for their personal details online. These are the people who are most likely to repeat their past mistakes again and again. They are hence under a constant threat!


The Cautious ContributorNext is the cautious contributor who limits the amount of information that is shared online. This person is most likely to make a serious behavioral change after experiencing anything bad on the internet. Just a small 38% of them feel confident that they are protected on the internet. Their biggest threat is from malware and spyware.



The Online NudistNext persona is that of a proactive user. They have practically moved their entire life online. They have adopted all the changes and adapted themselves accordingly. There is the online nudist who is the least secure as he does not think twice before sharing it all on the internet. This would include social security number, credit card details and so on. Nearly 14% of them have had someone else pose as them on the internet. Even then these people are the least concerned about identity theft. Such people are the most vulnerable especially with regard to credit card fraud.


The Social Savvy ButterflyNext is the social savvy butterfly who likes to post a lot of photos on the social media sites. Nearly 66% of such people like to personalize their privacy settings. But the main issue with these people is that nearly 89% of them feel that exposure of their personal info online does not impact their presence on social media. Such people are the most vulnerable to account hacking.


The Digitally Enlightened

Next are the realized users who are well aware of the dangers and take the issue of online privacy seriously. One reason for this can be that most of them, 87% to be precise, have been exposed to such a security threat in the past. Nearly 85% want more and more protection for their online accounts. In fact, they simply cannot get enough! Such people would have implemented the maximum security measures. These are the digitally enlightened people. The threat they face is in terms of online impersonation as anything else can be quite difficult for the hackers!


Take action to protect your online Privacy


Now that you have all the personas defined in front of you, see where you fit in and what your potential danger list looks like. Online security is not a thing to be ignored. People have suffered and are getting affected by it on a regular basis. Hence it is always better to take precautions than be sorry. People consider this as an inconvenience. Hence they keep on trying to avoid this issue. But it is not inconvenient. There are a number of tools available in the market that are easy to use and are affordable too. One of them is HideMyAsss! Pro VPN, Also Here is the list of,

Top 5 VPN service for Privacy
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It is a simple option that provides you with online privacy. But you need to be proactive here. After all, it is not that you do not know what online privacy is or how to go about it. As the survey clearly shows, people know all about it and have even undergone the consequences of putting their personal information at risk. But people are just not being proactive enough to take measures so that the some does not happen again.

As you can see, there is a wide gap in users in terms of awareness, intention and action. It is time to make a major attitude change as online behavior demands it. For your personal safety and the well-being of your loved ones, you need to save yourself from impersonation, credit card fraud, account hacking and similar other cyber-crimes.

There are a number of tools available in the market today. Learn about their features. Choose one that suits all your requirements. You do not have to be a technical expert here. These are easy to use tools that provide you all the protection you need in order to keep your personal details safe on the net. So go ahead and take action right now!

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