Personal VPN for Wi-Fi – Secure public Wi-Fi/Hotspots


Many times we need to use the internet while travelling outside. The people who are to travel many places for their business purpose they have to use the internet to send any emails or sharing any files from the outside network like Wi-Fi in the hotels, restaurants.And mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets are more and more popular to access the internet with Wi-Fi/Hotspots.


personal vpn for wifi

The number of people are now using public wifi  to the internet.But using the outside network  to do any work for business purpose it may create the risk of stealing the information by the hackers. Because the network we use in the outside area like hotels, cafes are known as open network. So prevention must be taken while using this network.

So,When you connect to wireless hotspots or public wifi network, You need to be aware about some things like,


  • While reading any e – mails using the outside network we need to be sure about the on of firewall.
  • We should not share any file and the option should be disabled.
  • Always set the network  to public
  • We need to keep in mind that the person or network I am using there is another person to steal my valuable information.
  • Always use the secure connections which is WPA2 encrypted. Because this will help you hide from the people who are not in the same network.



Using VPN for increase the security:



The best way to increase the security of the valuable information while using any public network is to use the VPN.It means Virtual Private Network. It helps to hide the original identity of your and keep you safe from being hijacked by others.


VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure tunnel between your computer or device and a server that encrypts and protects your personal information.It is fully encrypted private network that creates a connection between the public network and the server you are accessing. It is set in between the two networks.


VPN Security for pubilc wifi

By using VPN one can make a highly insecure connection into highly secure connection. As a  result many companies told their employee using the VPN while they are outside.And tablet and mobile devices are becoming more and more popular,So there’re lots individual want to find private VPN for Personal use.


The VPN s can be different type.If you do not wish to pay for this then there are also free VPN service that many providers provide.But I recommend you rent some VPN for using and pay them monthly,you can check our home page to get the best VPN server.


The set up of the VPN is very simple. Just run a VPN program on your PC and then while travelling outside you can use that VPN to visit any site. No one can get that you are using the network as your VPN server is far from there.


But sometimes using the home PC as VPN can create some problems like the hackers can enter into your home PC using the VPN network. So you can use alternatively the portable tools that you can set up in your laptop while you are in the outside and get access the VPN server.So find a Personal VPN service to secure yourself today.


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