Android VPN

Android is an open source platform,that is the most popular Operating System on mobile devices.Compare with Apple iOS,Android is less secure.Lots of andriod phone security at risk.

Especially,When you connect to public wi-fi netwok,You online shopping information,instant messages and credit card CVV may be exposed by others.Hackers can easily steal that information form unprotected Android devices.

connect to Android VPN serverUsing Android VPN to protect your device with encrypts your mobile Internet traffic.Prevent data sniffers on unsecured wireless hotspots from accessing sensitive data.

Setup VPN connection on your Android device is easy.There are 4 type of VPN connection on Android.All VPN connection need a VPN Server.That you need add this server in “Server Name” that will be like “”.

PPTP VPN Server authenticate via Username/Password.

L2TP VPN Server that you need  enter the L2TP Secret that
provide by the VPN service.

L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN server use PSK – Pre Shared Key.You need enter the PSK in setting section.

L2TP/IPSec CRT VPN are certificate based VPN server.that’s rarely used in personal VPN service.

Here is the list of Top Android VPN service.

Private Internet Access VPN Rate It

Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN offers unlimited VPN access. Offer multiple VPN Gateways in the 84 countries. Private Internet Access was created by a team of the same developers who also created Mt. Gox Live and Mt. Gox Mobile of the Bitcoin world. Private Internet Access VPN Service is powered by a state-of-the-art, tier-1 multi-gigabit private network. Support enjoy OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec connections.... Read More »

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IPVanishVPN service Rate It

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN offers one of the fastest and most reliable VPN networks and offer very low prices, great technical support and easy-to-use VPN software.With over 15 years of global network and security experience.The history ranks its team among the most experienced providers of VPN services.these guys provide the best usenet ( newsgroup ) service in the world Since 2004. One feature that sets... Read More »

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VyprVPN server service Rate It


VyprVPN launched in 2009 and is located in Austin and Texas, now incorporated in Meggen, Switzerland where is great for privacy. Vypr VPN servers created by Giganews’ sister company GoldenFrog. Servers clusters in 64 countries i.e. USA, CA,Netherlands, Germany, Hong kong, UK and France etc. Offer 700+ No 3rd parties servers with 200,000+ IP addresses, NAT Firewall is included for VyprVPN, which is great for security... Read More »

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safervpn Rate It


With 700 plus servers across 30 countries, SaferVPN has been well-designed and has a professional offering that is very impressive to its users. Providing automatic connection whenever there is an insecure Wi-Fi is most appealing to the users, especially when they go out for a cup of coffee in unknown areas. Customer support is provided 24 X 7, through... Read More »

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kepard server service Rate It

Kepard VPN

Kepard VPN is new VPN service provider but starting to gain popularity among VPN providers.Their service support free trial for 365days that’s very cool and handy,Support two simutaneous connections that you can Connect from two locations same time.Kepard service also will give you an idea about the service without any risk, not paying a cent.Their VPN servers are across 5 countries. The company states... Read More »

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