The Best Encrypted and Secure Email Providers


Secure EmailEmail is not a much-secured medium of communication. If you consider a secured way of communication with superior priority, then email communication is better to be avoided. Recent revelations made by Edward Snowden have brought to the knowledge of the public how easily could an email be snooped on.

An important issue about securing email is that it always forced to get encrypted end-to-end in order to escape from getting intercepted while traveling with the help of intermediary networks. In such a case, the recipient will also be in a need of holding the same encryption system. Despite the system is free, frequently it turns hard to set up and sometimes gets incapable of producing the desired result. There is a probability of data leakages if email protocols work as such. It is because of the nature of email which stays to get retrieved by waiting in the server.

In spite of all this, yet if you need to use email communication for sensitive data or else to maintain privacy even in your regular mails, there is a good choice of advocates providing an encrypted source of email services free of cost, the  encrypted email is one of best privacy tools online.


Proton Mail – The Best Secure Email


Proton Mail is an encrypted source of services that completely stuck out all the other encrypted services. It gained a bad reputation among the privacy community through its bold stance against government surveillance. Forbes calls Proton Mail as “the only email system that NSA cannot access”.


  • Proton Mail offers complete end-to-end mail encryption from start to end process. In this process, the protocol happens at the user level which makes the Protocol Mail impossible of seeing the original content.
  • Protocol Mail is unlike the other security services providing email security as it doesn’t require any sort of setting up a process to be done and allows anyone to use the website on the browser easily. And it is to be mentioned that the design is clean in response.
  • Protocol Mail does not have the keys to decrypt email messages like Gmail which has the capability to decrypt the email messages.
  • Based in Switzerland, the Proto Mail refuses the request of third parties from the governments or the overseas organization.
  • The local government values the privacy containing a low wiretapping and data seizure track record that is used to prevent crime.
  • It declines the offers from various investors to keep intact integrity. Instead, they have selected crowdfunding methods to retain them afloat and allowing the user base. The decision stood fruitful and reached a 200% goal amount in the latest campaign.
  • Proton Mail will be offered free of the cost containing storage limitations.
  • There is a bunch of support for email service providers with encrypted services available.


Other Top Encrypted Email Providers


There is a bunch of support for email service providers with encrypted service available.

But the recent revelations about xkeyscore it has been shown that it sounds to be risky. We cannot accept or deny these claims but because of the nature of HushMail, it has failed to provide adequate protection against NSA. These are the required source of information that stands by the side of Proton Mail.

Encrypted Email Providers  Detail

Private Email

 OpenPGP Encryption
Top VPN Service Provider
Perfect Forward Secrecy
Built-in encryption
Protect sensitive PHI
Hide My Ass!

Secure Email

 Free to receive emails
Spam and virus protection
OpenPGP encryption
end-to-end security
Secure Online Storage
No server copies
no open access to NSA


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