What is IPSec and Why use IPSec VPN Widely Used


IPSec INTERNET PROTOCOL SECURITYis a system of internet security. It enables to increase the internet security by encrypting the data of the IP. It works in the end to end point connection system. It helps to protect the data flows from a one host to another.

ipsec vpnNormally this Internet Protocol Security or IPSec is a system that is applied in the VPN. This Virtual Private Network is a process to increase the security of internet by hiding the ip address and also hiding the original identity.

There are several ways through which the VPN can be applied to make the secure visit in the online like SSL, TLS etc. But most of the VPN use this Ipsec. Because it can in any remote device by just installing a client software.

IPSec works on the IP security. It is normally used when there is any need to communicate others via net. Then having poor security measures may create problem by leaking the valuable info. So the offices who need to contact with the remote places they use VPN having the IPSec.


There are mainly three ways that an IPSec can work.


It can work in the remote access VPNs. Normally the individual users get help from this. The corporate people who need to get connected with their office network they normally get benefited by this.

It is also used in intranet VPN. It is used by the office head quarters who need to get connected with the branch offices.

Another use is extranet VPN. When any company needs to get connected with their suppliers, partners for business purpose they get this for them.


Advantages that attract the people to use this IPSec VPN.


Firstly it can encrypt only the necessary data that you want. And when you are in the public network then it does this so it’s performance is excellent.

Secondly, it can easily operate the network layer like IP or TCP. So there is no need of extra modification.

Thirdly , it can work on the backbone of the IP network. It helps the user to reduce the cost of operation.

Finally this is accepted throughout the world. Because it is supported by all types of systems.

But it has got some demerits or disadvantages too.

To encrypt or decrypt data it needs a huge power. Also the complexity and the restrictions of the firewall are another problems of this IPSec.


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