SSL VPN for File sharing – Enhance online security


There a way to protect one against the dangers of file sharing is to use a VPN technology which is considered to be VPN as the safest platform.

Nowadays, It’s highly suggested that you get VPN for your Business because it will definitely get better online security when file sharing and enhance the online experience of your employees in your firm.

What is VPN?VPN Remote Access

Virtual Private Network in a short named VPN. It is a system that helps the users hide their identity and access any sites which is blocked in their area. Or it helps the users to get more security for his documents.


VPN for file sharing:


There are so many uses of the VPN. Like someone uses the VPN to access any restricted site, someone uses it to increase the security and someone uses it to be anonymous in the online.

The another important uses of using VPN is in the file sharing. Nowadays the people who are working in the outside of the office and who are likely to work from home to them VPN is a great asset.

The companies are also encouraging using the VPN service as it is very easy to install in the server of the company and it gives them more security to do any job. So it creates a nice environment in the workplace. So as a whole using the VPN increase the productivity and enthusiasm within the employees.

How does the VPN works?

Mainly the VPN works by using the 4 tunneling protocols. They are –





These 4 systems have some advantages and disadvantages or weakness. But as we are talking about the file sharing VPN then SSL plays the most important role.

What is SSL:

It means Secure Socket Layer. This protocol is mainly used for file sharing services. And it has been very much popular protocol. The main reason of being this so much popular is that anyone can use the web browser as a client application.

SSL VPN for corporate securityThough someone claims that it is an inferior because it uses only web browser. But the fact is that it increases the security for users. It helps to protect the security of the network and the user from viruses.

Also the company which have a large number of users who use VPN and the information which are also highly confidential they use this protocol. Using this protocol the VPN administrator can employ granularity. It increases the capacity to restriction and using this protocol the VPN administrator can employ granularity. It increases the capacity to restrict the data, application and sharing files to expose to the unwanted person.

SSL can be divided into two parts, Portal VPN and Tunnel VPN. Single connection is used in the first one and the second helps to allow the content like flash, active x etc.

Both are very much helpful for file sharing.Compared to other types of VPNs such as IPSec VPN. SSL VPN provides highest level encryption, allows multiple userauthentication, gives you control over who has access to which application, and is quite flexible.So you can easily manage user’s file sharing activities.



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