VPN Encryption – Different types of encryption

VPN EncryptionVPN or Virual Private Network stands for providing more security to the data and also this helps the people beng anonymous on the net. This provides security by encrypt the data while sending and receiving.

So let’s see what is encyption ?

Encryption is a process of secure the digital information at the time of data movement. It is normally done by the coding system. Commonly scrambling and descrambling code are used to enrypt and decrypt. And these codes are based on the binary numbers of 0 and 1.


Types of encryption


There are different types of encryption we see and they are used for various purposes. There are 128-bit encryption , 256-bit encryption, 1024-bit encryption and 2048-bit encryption.


128-bit encryption:


It is widely used for the data data security. It is used to encrypt the PPTP tunnel. In most windows Xp this 128-bit encryption is used. This is the encryption which is offered by all the VPN service providers. But this will become obsolete because of the more vulnarability. This encryption is mostly used for the streaming services.


256-bit encryption:


It provdides better encryption than the 128- bit encryption. It can be compared to the number of atoms in the universe. So obviously it is highly secured encryption. But the problem is it requires more time to complete the encryption. So the overall speed of encryption become svery slow. But it can be reduced if the provider uses Gigabyte network.Lots of VPN servie providers use 256-bit encryption for L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol).


1024-bit encryption:


The VPN service provers are the main users of this. They use this for data transfer and in the authentication process. But as the encryption level is very high no prover can provide faster service by this encryption. Because the more the encryption the slower the speed. They only can get good speed during the authentication process.


2048-bit encryption:


There are 3 types of tunnelling protocols are used here. They are Open VPN, SSH2 and SSL or TLS. As this is 2048 bit encryption so definitely it is highly capably encryption. And it encrypts during data transfer between source and destination. As it is highly capable it is used for the authentication process. But after that the bits will be lower like 256 to 756 bit.

So here are the various encryption systems. You need to select which one you need. Because remember that higher the encryption lower the speed. So if you want for only streaming and other staffs like this then 128 bit is enough. For doing any military type jobs the higher bit encryption is used.


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