How to Unblock GEO Restriction for Streaming


Spotify Hulu BBC-iPlayer Netflix | VPN for streamingOnce upon a time watching tv together with the family members was a great enjoyable work to be done by all the people. But nowadays people are to be so much busy that they can not manage time to sit before the tv and watch any program. So they are too dependent on portable devices through which they can enjoy different favorite programs.

That’s why the streaming video channels such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iplayerSpotify have got huge popularity throughout the world. But there is another problem is that most of them are geo-restricted. So the people from the USA cannot watch the programs if they stay outside of the USA.

Also, the people from another country when traveling to the different parts of the world beyond their own region they can not get permission to get access to the favorite channels due to the restriction.


How to unblock GEO restriction for streaming


There are several ways to unblock the restriction. Some people use the VPN or some people use the proxy servers. These two systems have got different features and merits and demerits.

If you want to use a proxy server there are so many softwares you just install them or add plugins in your browser you can get access to the site. But the most popular is to use the VPN service.[Use VPN service to Unblock Netflix Outside the US]

This Virtual Private Network can give you the safest and efficient way to unblock the blocked sites. Normally it will encrypt your data and then transfer them to the different route which will be provided by the VPN service providers. So it will seem that you are trying to get access from the region where the streaming of that channel is not blocked.


How to use VPN service


There are several processes that you need to follow to use a VPN service.

First, you need to choose a provider who will give the service in your area. You may choose the free VPN softwares but if you want to get the full benefit from VPN then try to choose the paid VPN service.

After choosing the provider you will get the username and all the other tools which will need to get access to the VPN. The provider may give you software of their company you just need to install that in your PC or Mac. And then by putting the necessary information you will get connected to the VPN service and enjoy the freedom to the heart.


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