Use VPN to Bypass SOPA restriction


SOPA” means Stop Online Privacy Act. It was first introduced in the United States to give more power to the law enforcement agencies. It was developed because if this is passed then the law enforcement agencies can take any action against any online crimes properly and even the person who is accused of the crime he can be sentenced to jail.

Though the “SOPA” was developed for the welfare of the people but unfortunately this has gone against that. Because internet is a place of free thoughts. Anyone can express their feelings their views about anything freely. But in “SOPA” there is risk of doing such things. If anyone posts anything that might be a picture or any news that he does not belong and if anyone claims that that goes against him then he can be at risk.

That’s why many people including many famous websites including yahoo, google blacked them out when this bill was being passed. After passing the “SOPA” bill now people are unabel to access many websites those are blocked showing the privacy concerns.

Bypass SOPA with VPN Service


What is the way to get rid of this restriction?


The best way to get out of the restriction or to get access to the sites which are blocked is to use a bypass. In that case VPN is the best option. Because it will help you being anonymous and makes you able to aceess the blocked dites which you can not get access normally.


What is the purpose of VPN?


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that mainly encrypts the data. When you are willing to visit any web sites but unfortunately that is blocked due to the privacy concern then the VPN can be the best opyion to break the bindings.


What does VPN do?


VPN enables you using various IP addressess those are the your new identity. Because the sites which are blocked they can only trace you by your IP addressess. So if you somehow change your IP address then no one will trace you and you can access the sites anonymously.

When you use a VPN service there will be a server between you and your targeted sites. So when you will try to get access to the site your data will be encrypted in a different tunnel and you will hit the site with the IP provided by the server. By this way you can get rid of the restriction of the “SOPA”.


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