Set up a VPN for Smart TV to Bypass GEO-Restriction


We live in a wondrous age of technology. We can talk to the world on our cell phones. We can watch movies on our tablets, and even our TVs have become smart. What is a smart TV?


We know that with streaming, we can watch videos or movies on our phone or tablet, and even on our PCs. Now TV manufacturers are designing their sets to include the integration of the Internet with television. Now, in addition to the regular programming that you would receive on your television, you also have access to online interactive media, and on-demand streaming media, as well as home network access. With this device you can enjoy videos, movies and even photos, as well as other content on the web, right there on your television set.Smart TV Development is Revolutionising the World of Television.

VPN for Smart TV


One of the disadvantages of smart TVs is that you’re restricted to content which is available only in the country that you’re in. The way around this are Virtual Private Network or (VPN).These virtual private networks shield your IP address from the content provider. The way they do this, is to provide a new IP address from the country where you wish to get your content from, providing it’s legally available.


If the country that you’re in does not allow a program such as Netflix, by using a VPN, you can get around this restriction.Connected TV and Smart TV Apps allow viewers to access advanced web driven styled services on TV.


How you set up a VPN for your smart TV?


If you’re smart TV allows it, you can simply set the DNS setting for the VPN provider that you select. If you’re smart TV does not allow DNS settings, you can use Internet sharing options under your computer settings. This works through both cable and Wi-Fi networks.


Some of the options you want pay attention to when considering a VPN for your smart TV, is to make sure you get a plan which has high-speed and unrestricted bandwidth. That way, you will not be restricted to enjoying live events which would not be available on limited bandwidth. You can easily get that information on the site where you choose your VPN.


There are many excellent VPN providers. You can find them on the Internet, check their prices, and other information that you need to make your decision. Some of them start as low as five dollars a month for unlimited speed and bandwidth.

Best Smart TV VPN Service
1 Pure VPN Cost $9.95/month || 3 Days Money Back
2 Hidemyass Cost $11.52/month || 30 Days Money Back
3 IPVanish Cost $10.00/month || 7 Days Money Back
4 ExpressVPN Cost $12.95/month || 30 Days Money Back
5 Kepard Cost $7.00/month ||  Free 30 minutes per day


With this system, you can greatly enhance your smart TV and make it even smarter.With a Top VPN service you almost can almost watch popular sport like NBA,FA Premier League,La Liga,MLS and so on for free.


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