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Total VPN
is newly opened UK Company started in 2015. It was executed under Pseudio Ltd DBA. In fact, it was well equipped for much longer duration of business and it also helps the people to get much safer access to the internet with minimum restrictions.

TotalVPNOne of the best things about total VPN is, you can get it for permanently for free with 3 VPN server locations that little restrictions and limitations. There are certain misstep and inconsistencies and missteps that still linger. Moreover, this is worth buying, when provided certain time to mature, then only things will get much better.


Total VPN Service Details


Package Price Price / month
 1 Month  $7.49  $7.49
1 Year  $71.82  $5.99
2 Year  $119.64  $4.99


Total VPN is Easy to use with totally unrestricted VPN server on Total Premium Package.These servers are located in over 30+ locations worldwide in 20 countries.Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and more.You can get free trial on their free package first.


United States –  New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami,Atlanta,Seattle, San Jose
Singapore, SG –
Hong Kong, HK –
Tel Aviv, IL –
Tokyo, JP –
Mumbai, IN –
Johannesburg, ZA –
Buenos Aires, AR –
Sydney, AU –

Total VPN support 4 protocols,

  • PPTP use 128-bit encryption
  • L2TP/IPSec protocol with AES-256 encryption
  • OpenVPN protocol comes with 2048 bit SSL encryption
  • IkeV2 is a stable and secure protocol with AES-128, AES-192, AES-256 a 3DES ciphers encryption.

Bandwidth Limitations: Unlimited to Premium
Types of IP: Shared IPs
Encryption Strength: Multiple encryption
 p2p Allowed: Yes
 No logs policy No

At times, it becomes pretty much important to get much higher quality VPN servers which are required for web surfing at much greater speed.

  • Total VPN customer support:  When it comes to customer services in total VPN, mainly there are three sections which are reserved for the help of customer service. The service center includes live chat facilities, FAQ, ticket submission and a knowledge base having all the details required for VPN service. If none of the methods works, you can write an e-mail to the concerned authorities. This, in turn, means that the total VPN need not have a number of direct methods, just like that of a remote desktop oriented communication or else a telephone line. Overall, the customer service support of the total VPN is just more than satisfactory.
  •  Advanced OS support:  The OS support for TotalVPN is a bit average. Bear in mind that, in order to get the services on the gaming consoles, you need to upgrade regularly. As total VPN is continuously under development, they are upgrading their services accessible on chrome book as well.
  • This firm is working on the latest updates and incorporating latest technologies, but in the later stages, this upgrade becomes necessary and important as well. The next stage is, there are a number of extra connections which is supposed to be unlocked. Finally, total VPN supports for flashed routers, supports for gaming consoles and much more.


To sum up the entire thing, Total VPN is quite close to a decent start. Albeit, they are in business of the short duration of time, things have already started resembling most of the top VPN organizations. The information is presented in front of all in an understandable and accessible manner.

The choosing country can also be a fair matter, but it is already too much for the people already. Generally the free account has no time limit and it is something which has to be closely examined. Even though the speed values are quite low and costs are high, total VPN needs a solid foundation. This firm would be the ideal choice for 100% uptime service and quality customer service.

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