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HideIPVPN is one of the most interesting VPN providers in the market. Company has a very comprehensive offer with very interesting features and good pricing.

HideIPVPN has been established in 2009 and since day one its offer is growing. Company is registered in USA. This is good news since US based VPN providers, unlike their EU based competition are not required to keep connection logs. Also support offered by HideIPVPN seems to be very good. If you decide to subscribe to this service you can be sure that you can seek help in many different ways. But before we get to that let’s see what HideIPVPN has to offer.

First of all you have to know, that unlike most of VPN providers HideIPVPN can offer you two types of services. Traditional VPN and SmartDNS. Best of all choosing one does not necessary means you can not use the other.


VPN service by HideIPVPN


In terms of VPN most of HideIPVPN offer is quite standard, but the truth is you get a lot for your money.

HideIPVPN price offer

As you can see VPN packages start at $5.99/month and go up to $14.99/month for the most versatile package. No hidden traps, no limits, everything listed very clearly.

All VPN packages offer choice of all VPN protocols.

This means that you can choose between SSTP, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols (with exception of Canada VPN). All packages also offer access to the internet via proxy server.

What is HideIPVPN unique feature is, that US, UK and US/UK packages also offer choice of SmartDNS service. This is very good news for all customers . In our tests SmartDNS proved to be super comfortable to use feature. Unlike VPN it is “setup and forget” thing! Very, very useful and highly recommended.


Great VPN software with extras


As you know, as great as VPN is it has also some downsides. One of them is problem with setup of multiple connections. If you add to that choice of different protocols and VPN servers in each country quite often users is required to waste hours of time for setting up each of the connections manually. HideIPVPN took care of that as well.

Right now users have choice of either Windows (works with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8) or Mac OS X version. Installation is very easy and in all cases users can use find help via very straight forward tutorials. HideIPVPN says, that it is the company that goes extra mile. We can confirm that. It is visible even in case of tutorials. For those of you who prefer video tutorials, HideIPVPN has prepared two clips that lead users step by step through whole installation process.

This “extra mile”, user orientated approach is also visible inside software itself. HideIPVPN seems to have thought about everything.

If you are torrent user, you should be very happy to hear that “Application Killer” function has been included in both versions of HideIPVPN software. This means that you do not have to supervise torrent downloads and uploads any longer.


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