VPNDirect – New Rewards and Price Packages in 2013

VPNDirect are pleased to announce as the start of 2013, new packages are now available for purchase, tailoring to different needs, providing the best packages suitable for all types of users.

VPNDirect now has a new Rewards Program for loyal customers whom are willing to provide valuable feedback helping us to improve our ever developing products. Rewards may include premium accounts, time extensions and increased usage capacity. Interested parties can kindly contact our Customer Service agents for further details.

VPNDirect fully supports both iOS and PC desktops, only one account required! Remember log in to our website and check out your available data.


VPN Direct Price Packages

Plan Bandwidth Price 
 30 Days  Unlimited  $0.99
 90 Days  Unlimited  $24.99
 180 Days  Unlimited  $44.99
 365 Days  Unlimited  $74.99

Plan App Data Price 
 30 Days  3GB  $0.99
 30 Days  10GB  $2.99
 90 Days  30GB  $6.99
 90 Days  50GB  $9.99
 180 Days  100GB  $19.99
 180 Days  150GB  $29.99
 365 Days  300GB  $39.99

Plan App Data Price 
 30 Days  1GB  $1.99
 30 Days  6GB  $3.99
 90 Days  10GB  $5.99
 90 Days  20GB  $9.99
 180 Days  50GB  $19.99
 180 Days  100GB  $29.99
 365 Days  200GB  $49.99





Protect your privacy, unlock your Internet and gain access to geographically blocked websites and services such as Facebook, Skype & Twitter with VPNDirect for your Apple device.

VPNDirect for iOS is an easy to use Mobile Virtual Private Network that allows you to access content from anywhere in the world whilst maintaining complete privacy. Whether ordering online, protecting your IP whilst connected to public Wi-Fi or simply looking for a way to watch your favorite US television programs, VPNDirect is the perfect match for all your mobile needs.

vpndirect PC/mobile price palns

  • Try before you Buy

    Sample the full VPNDirect experience with a 30 Day Free Trial

  • Access all Areas

    Get instant access to geographically blocked websites & services such as YouTube, Skype, Facebook & more.

  • Remain Anonymous

    Hide your real IP from suspect third parties when web browsing or using Apps on your device.

  • Protect your Privacy

    Whether you’re at home or connecting via a public Wi-fi Hotspot, VPNDirect stops the spread of your digital fingerprint to ensure your identity remains secret.



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