VPN to Protect Personal Identity for file sharing


File sharing can apparently seem to be a very convenient way to get media files,such as mp3,video files,movies and file Sharing Increased rapidly on the Internet.But that may expose your privacy,identity and computer or Smartphone information with which you are conducting file sharing.

Peer-to-peer(P2P) networks usually have security vulnerabilities and allow one to see the identity of other users (such as IP address,client), see the traffic and gain access to your private privacy information.


Anonymous internet identity when the file sharing


ANONYMOUS INTERNET IDENTITYSo,If you want to download/upload files anonymously, you can use a VPN technology which is considered to be the safest platform.Using a VPN can help your get anonymous internet identity,Once connected to our VPN service your online activities will be masked behind one of VPN server anonymous IP addresses.

Usually a VPN has powerful anti-malware applications running 24*7 on its servers, which help protect your privacy and identity, prevent your PC and Smartphone from Malwares,viruses,firewall crackers,adwares,spywares and hackers that are very common when file sharing on the internet.


Bypass the restrictions on file sharing websites


BYPASS THE RESTRICTIONSAlso,Nowadays Many governments across the world are putting restrictions on file sharing websites, such as,India,UAE,New Zealand and a majority of European nations including Britain are now blocking the site over the internet.

For file sharing, You have to bypass the effects of firewalls.VPN can help you to bypass these firewalls, BTW if you need to bypass the effects of heavy firewalls,like in your shcool or work place ,You have to use OpenVPN or SSTP VPN that are SSL-based VPN protocol.


Find Best P2P file-sharing VPN service


But not all VPN service providers allow P2P traffic or torrent traffic,that’s mainly depending on the VPN server locations.VPN service providers provide their users with packages like BTguard that allow P2P file-sharing or Torrent over the internet without being trapped by firewalls.Therefore, get a VPN connection to unblock all file-sharing websites,share files freely without worry about copyright laws.

Find a Top P2P file-sharing VPN service to hide your sensitive web traffic behind a secure VPN servers and protect Your Personal Identity NOW. Enjoy the internet freedom and anonymity.


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