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Voip is such a service that provides a great way to communicate to the people using the individuals computer just like a telephone. So this gets a great dimension to talk to the people over pc using internet. If we elaborate Voip we get Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Communication through the voice is the easiest and comfortable way for the people. So as Voip is such a service that helps the people giving and receiving an instant answer so the people of the whole world are dying for this.

But the main problem is it is not so much secure. Anyone if he wants can decrypt the protocol you are using. So safety is the most concerned matter on this. But VPN really comes to minimize the problem.

Elaborately VPN means Virtual Private Network. It helps you giving a mask to your ip address and you can use any of the ip address you want if the provider provides that.


Benefit of Voip VPN


VPN is very important for using the Voip because it can protect your private conversations. Though Voip is a protocol but it can be leaked easily. So to be more secured voip vpn is a must.

encrypted VPN for voip

Another reason of using the Voip VPN is that in many countries it is restricted but the people are interested to use this excellent service. So many providers are providing the VPN services to help the people getting connected with the close ones throughout the,skype.

unblock skype VOIP service


How this voip works


There are some sequences how this voip works. Lets try to find out

  • A voip gate way router is required.
  • Voice signal needs to be received from the other side in analog form.
  • This needs to be turned into digital format.
  • Then the voice is encapsulated and produce some ip packets.
  • Then these packets are routed in a secure manner.

These processes are same in the other side from where another person is using the Voip. VPN helps to transfer the voice from one side to the other side transforming analog to digital by encrypting and encapsulating making a tunneling layer that gives the conversation more security.

The vpn voip is very much hard to encrypted because it uses 128 bit AES technique. Which is very much hard even quite impossible to be encrypted. That’s why someone needs to use the Voip VPN to ensure more security.

There are many vpn providers who are providing the voip vpn service but it is necessary to get the best service. Someone needs to think about the price factors and your locations while choosing any provider.


The Best VPN service for  Voip


Let’s take a look on the top quality VPN providers

  1. Pure VPN : that will cost $9.95 per month
  2. Hidemyass: that will cost $11.52 per month
  3. Express VPN: that will cost $12.95 per month
  4. IPVanish VPN: it will cost $10 per month

So here are the top rated VPN service provider now you will decide according to your requirements which one will you choose.


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