uProxy Ensures Data Security – Comparison with normal VPN service


Internet is undoubtedly the fastest data transfer system in the digital world. Almost 99 percent employees in commercial sectors use computers. They need to share official documents, files and various types of PDF files via internet. Therefore, at present it is the most urgent job for a technocrat to install the broadband interface to upgrade his laptop. In big IT companies, many mainframe computers have been installed with the good provision for internet surfing.


Internet Hacking- A Menace to People- Why?


However, it is also noticeable that online bots, scam and malware/spamware threaten the IT industry to a great extent. Data which are transferable through the server to reach computers located in different areas are not protected. Internet hackers steal information. They use the latest hacking tools for gaining undue advantages. They have private computer hacking software to pull up information illegally. Internet surfing and online communication are becoming risky to people. So, it is necessary to invent the innovative data management devices.


uProxy Server Ensures Data Safety from Scam


uproxyThe uProxy (VPN service) is a separate automated server. It protects data from being corrupted. This is a private server which is installed to enhance the flow of data supply through a secondary server. It has no connection with the internet explorer or any developed browser like Chrome.


The benefit which a daily internet surfer gets lies in maintaining privacy. The sender of any email will only correspond with the recipient without indulging the third party’s interference. So, while browsing Google, information which pops up on your LCD screen is not obtained by hackers. None will be able to get the same information which is stored in Google. UProxy locates the data using an untraceable IP address.


No Data Hacking via uProxy VPN


A uProxy server doesn’t permit any unknown internet user to collect data from the archive. They will not be able to send any anonymous emails to people who have uProxy servers. So confidentiality is ensured. It is a hi-tech data protection system which has been launched for tightening the data security process.

uProxy is one of the innovative servers to enhance the 100 percent accuracy in the matter of data protection. Your information will not be leaked or handed over to hackers. They will not know what type of IP port you use for data conversion via internet. However, for serious online entrepreneurs, the paid uProxy VPN service is much reliable in comparison to that of free uProxy server. Only you and your clients will be able to send data/files through this privately owned uProxy.


Comparison uProxy with normal VPN service


Advantages :

1, uProxy is Free , Google is no reason to charge it.

2, uProxy is  really difficult to block, for there is no flexed server , your friend’s computer is the server, and it can be changes every time,You have many friends on the internet,that mean you have many server IPs. so it is impossible to block the server IP , the only chance is block the whole protocal, But do’t worry it.I think Google’s VPN tunnel encryption is unbeatable

3, for browser traffic,just like web proxy so you can use your local network at the sametime.


Disadvantages :

1, You have to a friend online for providing you to access.

2, Can’t change IP unless you connect to another friend.So the Server Locations is limited.

3, Only proxy web browser traffic. so it is not work for your softwares and APPs like ICQ,Skype and so on,

Overall,The uProxy is a good project for secure, that’s really convenient to unblock websites, but the mainly downside is you have to have a friend online or at least their computer is now using the service, this is inconvenience.


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