Top 3 VPNs For PayPal


PayPal has definitely revolutionized the ecommerce culture on the web. The system has almost replaced the more traditional routes of paper money transactions such as checks and money orders. Small startups find it increasingly convenient to accept online debit and credit cards via this platform without going in to the added hassle of setting up an ecommerce merchant account with conventional banks. The increasing popularity of the platform has made it one of the most sought after payment modes for major VPN providers. Here is a look at the top four most sought after VPN for PayPal.

vpn for paypal


Express VPN



ExpressVPN Service ReviewThe download speeds are excellent with this provider and the software is incredibly easy to use. The system also has some cool features such as the automatic protocol selection and recommendations for server location. The company provides a 24 hr customer support, which is true across its network of 33 countries and countless servers. The affordability quotient might be the one drawback in this service provider’s case. Yet, the services are definitely worth the price you pay for. You can also avail n unlimited bandwidth with Express VPN and no extra charge for handling your android or iOS device.





Cyberghost VPN server service reviewsThe CyberGhost VPN does not accept Bitcoin and it is through and through a VPN for PayPal. The service is extremely fast and you can avail a no logs feature, which maintains complete anonymity. There is also an Internet kill switch, which adds to the overall feature rich interface of the VPN client. The service offers a 30-day free trial period to test their premium service before you start with a paid account. You can also use the free service if you are inclined on a lower budget.






btguard vpn for TorrentsThe service is the very epitome of a no frills VPN service. The company is not exclusively a VPN for PayPal as it also accepts Bitcoin. However, the service is extremely adept with the main elements of a successful VPN provider even if it is not as feature rich as its leading competitors. BTGuard adheres to the no logs protocol to safeguard privacy. With Bitcoin, you can also enjoy anonymous payment. Security is strengthened with a 256-bit AES encryption. Overall, net results might not be in the same league as the other representatives in the market, however, it holds up its own especially at the affordable rates it offers. The company also provides 24×7-customer support but with an interface, which is almost deliberately simple, you would rarely need it. Overall, it is quite a solid VPN provider to start out for new users.



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