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After This UPdate, IPVanish’s network reach at 110+ VPN servers in 47 countries (and 60+ cities) around the world! Offers 7,000 IP addresses.The fastest (and fastest growing) VPN Service.We will keep this post for updating IPVanish VPN added server in 2013.


Dec 12

IPVanish VPN holiday SpecialIPVanish VPN Holiday Special 2013

IPVanish is offering 25% off their 1 year VPN service package! That comes out to $58.49 for an entire year ($4.87/month) for unlimited and anonymous VPN service! Coupon code “‘HOLIDAY13’”. Expire on  January 1st,2014.Just hurry up.

Stay tuned as IPVanish continues to expand its premium VPN package…the best value, full-featured VPN package available anywhere!

Also,IPVanish announced a free iOS app available in the iTunes app store. If you have some time, you can check it out and and give them your feedback. IPVanish always love to hear from you!


From Nov 27th to Dec 3rd, 2013

IPVanish offer a  BLACK FRIDAY Promotion Codes “CYBER13” that you can get the VPN service for only $49.99 the first year.That’s $28 in savings!

Enjoy IPVanish VPN Service Black Friday Special.


Nov 26

IPVanish, the world’s fastest and most reliable VPN service, today announced another round of network expansions to include a VPN server in Bankok, Thailand + 2 new servers in Toronto, Canada. This latest network upgrade means that IPVanish has added 10 new VPN servers in a month, all at no added cost to new and existing subscribers.Ipvanish VPNTo recap, IPVanish has added the following VPN servers since late October:

  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Las Vegas, United States
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Paris, France
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • New! Bangkok, Thailand
  • New! Toronto, Canada ( 2 servers)

IPVanish’s international VPN network now stands at 7,000+ IPs on 110+ servers in 47 countries and 61 cities. Their tier-1 VPN network also independently tests as the fastest and most redundant globally while maintaining industry-best security and reliability. Nov 17 IPVanish VPN is on a roll! The fastest and fastest growing VPN service in the world is expanding its global VPN network reach yet again to include a new server in Jakarta, Indonesia Nov 15  IPVanish is the fastest and fastest growing VPN service in the world. It’s proving this yet again by expanding its global VPN network reach to include a new server in Budapest, Hungary. Nov 13 IPVanish, the fastest and most reliable VPN service worldwide, today announced that it has expanded its global VPN network to the following 3 new locations:

  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Paris, France
  • Auckland, New Zealand


Oct 26

IPVanish, the fastest VPN service in the world, today announced that it has expanded its global VPN network to include a new server in Mexico City (Mexico) + an additional server in Las Vegas (United States). This most recent deployment puts theIPVanish VPN network at 100+ servers in 57 cities and 44 countries around the world, making it one of the largest and most redundant VPN networks ever. July. 24 The IPVanish VPN team works hard to grow and expand its Tier-1 VPN Network by adding servers in new locations as well as increasing the number of servers in established locations. In April of this year, IPVanish surpassed the 100 server milestone it set out to achieve in 2013 and currently offers 7000+ IPs on 100+ servers in 44 countries. The most recently added servers are in the following locations:

  • Paris (France)
  • Las Vegas (United States)
  • Tallinn (Estonia)
  • Olso (Norway)
  • Moldova (Chisinau)
  • Dublin (Ireland)
  • Warsaw (Poland)
  • New York (United States)
  • Phoenix (United States)

Ipvanish VPN


Apr. 25

IPVanish VPN remains that fastest growing VPN provider in the world and will continue expanding its network to serve its growing global customer base. Moldova (1 server in Chisinau)

Ireland (1 server in Dublin)

Poland (1 server in Warsaw)

United States (1 server in New York and 3 servers in Phoenix)

IPVanish today also announced an update to its Windows client, v1.3.0.8, which improves network connectivity and server speed checking as well as interface management and DNS flushing/caching.

All Windows users will be prompted to update to the latest version when they next launch the client. IPVanish partnership with FlashRouters. Flashrouters offers IPVanish customers an out of the box solution for VPN connection on multiple devices simultaneously with a variety of customized routers already configured for IPVanish users.

Expect more big things to come from IPVanish in 2013 as they continue adding newfeatures and remain committed to delivering the absolute best VPN experience for the lowest price in the industry.



March 8

IPVanish VPN announce that has they launched a new version of its Windows VPN client V1.3.0.2. This upgrade is a significant change and gave the Windows software a new look and feel, and we think you’ll enjoy the changes! A couple bugs have also been fixed, including the support ticket creation window where the software would intermittently hang during ticket submission.


Feb 20


IPVanish VPN today announced the launch of its Mac OS Software v1.2. This recent upgrade comes with several exciting new features,


* Improved OpenVPN Logging

* Improved DNS Handling for OpenVPN

* Improved Server List Update Response Time

* Improved Log Viewer

* Connect at Launch Bug Fixes

All IPVanish servers support OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP connectivity as well as uncapped VPN usage and unlimited server switching.The IPVanish team continues to push the limits in the VPN space to provide the fastest speeds, the best software, and the most seamless VPN experience in the world.


Feb 5

IPVanish VPN Added 4 New Locations Mumbai, India (1 server) Riga, Latvia (1) Oslo, Norway (1) Sao Paulo, Brazil (2) Additional IPVanish Servers Singapore: +2 servers (total servers = 3) London: +1 (total servers = 4) Chicago: +2 (total servers = 4) Los Angeles: +1 (total servers = 4) Miami: +2 (total servers = 4) San Jose: +3 (total servers = 4) Seattle: +1 (total servers = 3)


Jan 22

IPVanish VPN added 4 servers. Buenos Aires, Argentina (1) Budapest, Hungary (1) Reykjavik, Iceland (1) Panama, Panama (1) All IPVanish servers support OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP connectivity.  Also keep in mind that every IPVanish customer gets unlimited monthly VPN use, unlimited server switching, free IPVanish software and 2 VPN connections…all for the lowest price in the industry!


Jan 8

IPVanish VPN is starting strong in January 2013 as they’ve just added 4 VPN servers in 3 new countries: Helsinki, Finland (1 server) Sydndey, Australia (2 servers) Christchurch, New Zealand (1 server)

All of IPVanish’s customers worldwide get unlimited VPN access [More VPN Server Location], unlimited server switching and direct access to one of the fastest and fastest growing tier-1 VPN networks in the world for the lowest price in the industry. As they continue adding new features and remain committed to delivering the absolute best VPN experience for the lowest price in the industry.


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