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VPN for Xbox 360Gaming is a passion for many people. Not only the young people but also the adult people are now addicted to gaming. But just playing games offline in individual’s PC is not liked at all. So the gamers are searching new ways to play games online with the players all over the world.

As the number of game lovers people are increasing so Microsoft provides them Xbox console through which they can play games online more easily. There are so many versions of the Xbox but the Xbox 360 which is the seventeenth version is the most popular now.


Some problems of Xbox 360:

Though Xbox 360 has been popular for it’s tremendous features but it has got many problems and most of them are technical. The main problem was it’s reliability. Another problem is it’s failure rate.

The another problem is this service is not available for all over the world. At first Microsoft launched it in the USA but then it is spreaded in India, Canada, Japan and so many countries. But still there are significant no. of areas where this service is not available.

Minimization of the problems:

As the popularity was increasing of this console so the Microsoft tried to increase the availability of the Xbox but they can not reach many places. Then the VPN plays the most important role making it available for so many people.


How to use VPN for Xbox 360 ?

VPN can be used using the PC or router. You can choose any one to use any of them

Using VPN in PC:

At first windows 7 is required and the cable should be cross overed from Xbox 360. Then you will have to change the adapter setting and select the local area connection.

Then internet protocol and ip address is tapped by clicking on the ip address. The required ip address is to be given and you need to move to the VPN and sharing center. Finally checking the allow other network and selecting Xbox 360 the process is finished.

Using VPN from a router:

Router for XBOX 360 VPNVPN compatible router like Asus RT N -16 and account of any VPN service is required. The server and firmware DDWRT is required to select before using the router.

At first the Ethernet cable is to be inserted in LAN1 and connect it to the computer. Then the firmware needs to be installed and after finishing the flashing process you will have to move to the set up option and choose PPTP as well as DHCP. After putting the ip address , name and enabling the PPTP encryption and keeping the STP disable leaving the other options the whole process needs to be saved.

Finally making a combination of the router and the internet you can be connected to the VPN.



Some troubleshooting:

It might take some time at the first stage to get connected with the internet. But you need not to be worried it’s normal. It will be okay after some time. And you also need to be careful about logging in to the route. Also be careful about choosing the server.


Top VPN service for Xbox 360

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