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Price : $14.99/month
OpenVPN : UK only
Great for streaming

Happy VPN

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Good: 30 day money back guarantee, Great for video streaming, Nice support
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Happy VPN was founded in 2007, there VPN service is great for intensive video streaming, you can Watch ABC, Fox, NBC, PBS in the USA; Watch BBC in the UK ; Watch CTV in Canada.Allowing you to have unlimited intense video streaming.Gives amazing support to their users,no setup or other hidden fees.

Happy VPN Servers Details


Plan Supports Month || 3Months || 6 months
 Canada  PPTP,L2TP.SSTP  $14.99 || $39.99 || $74.99
 USA/Hong Kong  PPTP,L2TP  $14.99 || $39.99 || $74.99
 UK  PPTP,L2TP,.SSTP  $14.99 || $39.99 || $74.99
 UK SSL VPN  Open VPN  $19.99 || $49.99 || $89.99
 USA + UK  PPTP,L2TP,.SSTP  $19.99 || $49.99 || $89.99


Happy VPN is not offer VPN free trial service, But offers 30 day money back guaranty after check out monthly package.if you are not entirely satisfied with the service.you can cancel at any time.

Happy VPN offers,

happy vpn server

Canada/CA VPN
Hong Kong VPN
United Kingdom/UK VPN
United States/USA VPN

Via their servers you can get CA US, UK or HK IP address.No more hassle, no more blocked websites.

Happy VPN is compliant with PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocols.This wide selection of available protocol support for a wide range of users.

SSTP is Microsoft’s own SSL VPN is the most secure protocol, And it’s solution for the users who PPTP is blacked by their ISP. But only available for Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7.

PPTP extends compatibility to mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones / tablets.

When VPN protocols PPTP and L2TP/IpSec are blocked,Happy VPN provide special UK servers that support Open VPN. Using UK SSL VPN Service, Connection is made via Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL) on port 443, that is not blocked by any ISP. So you can bypass internet provider restrictions,Access blocked websites in Oman, Belize. All this in complete anonymity.

Bandwidth Limitations:  Unlimited
Types of IP:  Shared IP
Encryption Strength:  128bit
 p2p Allowed:  Yes
Other features  Great for video streaming

I like watch hulu via their service,uptime very well,also with nice support.Their are other features you can check.

– Unblock websites

– Watch TV shows online

– Get a CA,US, UK or HK IP address

– Secure your wireless hotspot browsing

– Unlimited traffic with VPN access

– Access to otherwise blocked sites

– Remain anonymous while online

– Bypass, network, ISP or school restrictions


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