Unblock Iran Political Restriction with VPN Service

VPN for IranWe are living in the age of technology. Where internet is an undivided part of our day to day life. Everyday we browse wesbites for getting any info or we use internet to use the social networking sites. So we can say this is freedom for the people to get access to anywhere via the internet.

But unfortunately there are many countries who have put restriction in this freedom. Iran is one of them. Iran is one of the countries who put strongest internet censorship on the net. From march 2012 the government of Iran started putting this restriction.


Reason behind such restriction:

The main reason of this restriction is political. Many times people of Iran got together via the social medias and then they set up protest against the government. So the government took this into consideration and they start putting restriction on the net.


How they put restriction :


They put restriction on the web sites by blocking the IP addresses. Or we can say the government put restriction on the people who are living in Iran or who are using the Iranian IP address. So if anyone can change the IP address which is the only identity of his location in the net he can use the blocked sites.


Way of changing the IP address:


The best way to change the IP address is to use the VPN service. VPN or Virtual Private Network is the way by which you can change you IP addresses frequently. Also you can make yourself anonymous on the net. By using VPN you can get any countries IP addresses so you can get access any of the blocked sites by using those.


How does VPN work?


VPN is an intermediate server between your device and the targeted site. So when you use the VPN that site will be seen you as you are using the site from the location that your VPN is provided.


How to buy VPN in Iran :


To buy VPN in Iran you may face some troubles. Because many American payment system does not work there. So you can use other ways to buy the VPN .

>> If you are about to visit Iran you can buy the VPN before getting into the country.

>> If you are currently in Iran then you can ask any of your friend outside of Iran to buy a VPN for you.

>> You can buy VPN using any credit card of another country.


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