SSTP VPN Servers

SSTP is basically Windows based SSL VPN,encapsulates PPP packets over an HTTPS session.Provides users with a tunnel for the transportation of PPP or L2TP traffic through an SSL 3.0 channel. SSL based SSTP sends traffic via HTTPS port(TCP Port 443) that many secure websites (banks, ecommerce sites) used So, SSTP VPN is difficult for many ISP’s to detect and block it.

SSTP VPN only compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and above.SSTP DO NOT work on other OS(operating system).For personal using, SSTP VPN doesn’t require to install any third-party software on supported client operating systems.

Your ISP can easily block regular VPN protocol like
PPTP VPN. We’re highly recommend you use SSTP VPN on Windows for a better SSL Performance compare with Open VPN.

Below is the list of Top SSTP VPN Server Providers.

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Pure VPN

PureVPN was created by team of security software specialist in 2006 and has steadily grown into one of the best VPN services provider in the industry.It’s a leading VPN service provider based on quality of their VPN Servers (speed and reliability) along with good customer support.PureVPN is now run by the Hong Kong(HK)-based company GZ Systems Ltd. PureVPN just have android app, iPhone... Read More »

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Strong VPN

Strong VPN is large USA Internet Service Provider with great support. It’s a US based company,Offer over 87, 000 IPs across 500+ VPN servers in the 20 countries and 44 Cities. Established 1995.StrongVPN offers best quality VPN access and a very large network.With good prformance and fast VPN server. Strong VPN are restrictive compared to other leading VPN service providers in the industry. For VPN... Read More »

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Banana VPN

Banana VPN Offers secure personal secure and  stable VPN service since 2007.Offers high speed VPN access supported by a very large and scalable network.Server locate in 7 countries.Special provide a Dedicated IP for acceesing game networks or VOIP also can secure online shopping.   Banana VPN Servers Details     ▶ Click here to Banana VPN ◀   Read More »

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