Top VPN Service – FIFA WORLD CUP Promotions 2014

As we all know the  “FIFA WORLD CUP : JUNE 12TH – JULY 13TH” is coming.No doubt that is the most important subject of the month, Lots of VPN service provide some special offers.Here is some of it,


1. HMA! Summer Sale Starts to celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup


HMA summer donkey for FIFA world cup 2014Hide My Ass will be running an extended ‘Summer Sale’ where all their VPN packages will be discounted.Here is the detail.


1 month:  $11.52 > $9.99 (13% saving)

6 month: $69.12 > $39.99 ($6.55 per month – 42% saving)

12 month: $138.24 > $59.99 ($4.99 per month – 56% saving)



HMAPro VPN service is a leading personal VPN service on the market and recommend by Most Users.Offering over 79’000+ IP’s across 650+ VPN servers in 75 differentcountries.

This promotion From 12 June (09:30am BST) to 31 July. That’s only 1 time ervery year! You have to catch hold of special offer. So hurry up !



2. IPVanish Announces World Cup Discount  – 25% OFF


IPVanishVPN serviceIPVanish is just as excited for the World Cup as you are! In celebration of the upcoming event, IPVanish is offering an exclusive World Cup promo starting now through July 13th that automatically discounts 25% OFF ALL IPVANISH PLANS for the first billing cycle. Please update your materials today and invite your visitors to watch their favorite football team compete for the cup from any device, from anywhere in the world, on the fastest VPN network in the world, for 25% off!


In addition to the World Cup promo, IPVanish today launched 8 new servers in Amsterdam (bringing the AMS server total to 11) as well as a new server in Zurich, Switzerland and Tel Aviv, Israel. This is great news for your conversions as IPVanish customers now have a huge high speed gateway into the EU with the newly expanded IPVanish Amsterdam facility and now over 130 servers network-wide to choose from. This 130 server range means that IPVanish customers have a massive amount of geo-IP options for accessing content and web streams exclusive to those server regions.


ipvanish -  World Cup promo


With these newest announcements from IPVanish, there has never been a better time for securing your online privacy and streaming content with the world’s fastest connections that only IPVanish can offer. Connect anytime and anywhere at a 25% promotional World Cup rate to the fastest and fastest growing VPN network in the world!


3.ibVPN provide 30% OFF on VPN or DNS package during 2014 World Cup from Brazil


ibVPN 30% OFF for Brazil world CUPFor FIFA World Cup, ibVPN have prepared a promo code “FIFA14″ to get any VPN or DNS package with 30% OFF (time limited offer). Invisible Browsing VPN provide ibDNS and ibVPN solution!

ibVPN Goodies:

1. Now they have servers in 30 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden, Russia, Hong Kong , Spain, Italy, Panama, Turkey, Australia, Egypt, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Poland + our latest additions in India, Austria, Czech, Hungary, Iceland, Norway.

2. New p2p server has been added in Sweden beside Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Hong Kong & Russia.

3. KILL SWITCH feature was added to All-In-One VPN Client for: Windows & Mac.

When enabled, the Kill Switch closes all applications (that are running and have been added to the Kill Switch app list) in case of an unwanted VPN disconnect.




VyprVPN server serviceIn celebration of the World Cup, Golden Frog now is offering potential new customers a 50% Off 1 Month Special for VyprVPN. In addition to offering a 50% Special to celebrate the World Cup, Golden Frog is holding a World Cup Bracket Challenge. That our is mentioned before. Anyone is welcome to join and play for a chance to win some great prizes on behalf of Golden Frog. You’ll need an ESPN account (or to connect via Facebook) to play, but you can join the group any time before the tournament starts.

Golden Frog World Cup 50% Off Special



5. WorldVPN Changed VPN Price for FIFA WORLD CUP – 30% Cheaper


worldvpn server

In celebration of the World Cup,Below is WorldVPN plans,

Budget : Offer 82+ locations gateway, with 15GB monthly bandwidth and 3 multi logins at 4.95$ per month

Starter : Offer 82+ locations gateway, with 30GB monthly bandwidth and 3 multi logins at 6.95$ per month

Unlimited : Offer 82+ locations gateway, with Unlimited bandwidth and 3 multi logins at 9.95$ per month

Dedicated : Strong Dedicated IP, with 30GB monthly bandwidth at 10$ per month




Every time when the WORLD CUP come,the Gambling sites is so hot.But as i know lots of countries blocked these website, For Gambling i recommend you use Bet365.COM. Also you can try this banner check you blocked or not.


If you can’t access the site,So you have to use VPN to unblocked.

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