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smart dns

DNS means Domain Name System. It works by changing the domain names into the IP addresses to locate any specific location. But the smart DNS has got various facilities. It is very much close to the VPN service. But not exactly the VPN.

The smart DNS has got different meaning. This also encrypts the data into different tunnel. But not exactly the same as the VPN. VPN encrypts all the data inside the network to make the online activity anonymous and gives the user more security. But the smart DNS can only put a mask on the IP of the user.

Day by day the popularity of the DNS has been increasing over the VPN. Because the usage of the DNS is far more easier than the VPN and it also costs very low. And actually not all the people need the VPN service. So they depend on the DNS service.

There are several uses of the DNS. Like they can be easily set up and people do not need to use any VPN service to get benefits of the DNS. They can easily use the DNS in their tv. So they can easily move to the TV from PC or Laptop to enjoy the real experience of watching TV along with the whole family.




But sometimes people really get confused while trying to get the service of the VPN and the DNS. So they need to have the clear idea about the services and usages of these two systems. They can make a distinction.

In case of VPN it allows the user to hide their ip addresses and then they can easily get access to the blocked sites and also can keep their activity anonymous. VPN encrypts all the data and make it run through the different tunnel. So in a word we can say that it provides so many vast benefits to the user but the cost is also huge.

SmartDNS vs VPNBut while talking about the DNS service it can no give you the full features of the VPN. But it is just like the VPN. Smart DNS is very helpful for the people who like to enjoy the tv in their smart phones laptops even in TV programs on TV when their desired channels are restricted.

The most attractive advantages of the DNS is even if your Ip is masked and your identity is hidden the speed you will get from the server will be as usual same like the original net speed. So you will not have to face any buffering during watching the tv.

Another great advantage is that you don’t have to have any installed program to run this you just have to an account on the service provider. You just need to connect your TV with laptop or PC if you want to enjoy the real TV experience and should have net connection. Then you are all set to experience the DNS service.


Smart DNS Service

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