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Lots of guys want to find free anonymity solution for hide IP address or Unblock websites, You can use a VPN for that. A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure encrypted connection routed through the Internet to remote servers. Once you connect to our VPN servers, a secure internet connection is established between your internet service provider(ISP) and our VPN servers.

As one of the popular VPN protocols, PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) is the most widely and commonly used protocols, Also the PPTP VPN server is very easy to build and use. You just need to step the Server Hostname or IP and then authenticate via Username/Password.

us free pptp vpn server For instance, the following is the free USA PPTP VPN account offered by aFreeVPN,

  • Server:
  • Username:
  • Password: 3237(Which will be changed in uncertain times.)


Here is the Top list of Free PPTP VPN Server Service.


PPTP VPN Service Server Locations Server Hostanme/IP

<Server Down!>

  US, UK

<Server Down!>

  US,UK  Romania IP:

<Server Down!>


<Server Down!>





<Server Dwon!>


<Server Dwon!>

 Netherlands FreeVPN.NL/ US, Canada,NL

<Server Dwon!>


<Server Down!>


<Server Down!>


<Server Dwon!>


Atlanta,UK,Italy  UK  UK

<Server Down!>

 US, UK,Canada

<Server Down!>


<Server Dwon!>

 US, UK  US  Canada  UK

With Static&Dynamic VPN

 US, UK,

Canada,NL / / / /

<Server Down!>

US, UK, Canada

[Update on Aug 08,2019]



And, please note, if the server hostname of any free PPTP VPN is blocked in your area, You can ping the hostname and change it to the server’s IP address. So you can replace “” to “″.

Disadvantages of free PPTP VPN Server


But, As we all know, bandwidth is expensive, there are lots of free VPN services that limited the bandwidth, So Free PPTP VPN usually comes with,

1.The limited speed that not allow downloading movies or stream YouTube videos

2. Server isn’t stable. All free PPTP VPN servers are really not reliable the VPN connections are interrupted occasionally

3.Advertisement.Nothing is free in this world, service may be free, but you have to waste more time on their site.

4.No support. There is no support available when you have any problem, such as Dial-up error. So, we really suggest using paid private VPN service for your anonymous surfing and most of the VPN services offer Free VPN Trial Service or money-back guarantee. There are also have other types of free VPN –Free SSTP VPN Servers.


PPTP VPN Protocol

PPTP stands for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol. This is the most widely supported VPN protocol for Windows users. In fact, PPTP was actually created by Microsoft. The main advantage of PPTP VPN is speed. However, the disadvantage is that PPTP provides no encryption and instead employs PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) for security.

Although it was designed with Windows in mind, PPTP is also compatible with Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. While security is not the greatest when you use a PPTP protocol, they are fast, stable, and easy to use.

  • Compatibility: A large choice of device is supported, workstation, laptop, mobile phone, iPad, Android device and tablets.
  • Suported OS: Windows, Mac Osx,  ioS, Android, Linux, DD-WRT.
  • Encryption Level: 128-bit
  • Security Level: Basic encryption
  • Stability: Accepted by most of the public wifi, most of the university and work network, high stability.
  • Installation: Easy to install, protocol included in most of the operating system
  • Speed: Very fast cause of the lower encryption level.
  • Ports: Limited choice


Sep 10 / 2014

Added three new Free PPTP/L2TP VPN Server.




Also added a new IP: and “” Server Dwon!


Dec,10 / 2013

Added two new Free PPTP/L2TP VPN Server.




March 18 / 2013

Added new Free US/UK PPTP VPN Server.



VPN Username: free

VPN Password: 1234


May 09 / 2015

added new PPTP in UK/DE/FR

Detail on:

  • United KingdomServer Address:
  • Germany

    Server Address:

  • France

    Server Address:

[Update on Aug 30 2017]

Alternative to Free PPTP VPNs,


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