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There are now several computer applications which you can use in protecting your IPS so that it cannot be easily hacked by malicious computer scammers and among these are the Proxy and the VPN Server. This safeguards all the essential information that are stored in your computer system every time you are connecting to a certain website in the internet. Although both Proxy and VPN Server are applications that safeguard the computer system, they have differences that made each other distinct from each other.


Proxy Server


proxy serverProxy Server acts as an intermediary every time the user hooks its computer to the internet. It acts as a go-between the user computer and to the location or web that it is going to connect.

The Proxy is the one that processes the connection request to any website or to any files that you want to be connected to. The connection remains the user unknown to other servers thus providing security to the client’s significant information.

A proxy server can handle thousands of users. The proxy server is like a filter that can easily manipulate thousands of traffic in and out of your network and stay anonymous from other network. Furthermore, proxy applications can be used as censorship as well as malware protection. It encrypts the traffic.


 VPN server


vpn server

On the other hand, VPN is another server that has an encryption that provides more protection to the user. It uses algorithms that provide more security to any network. The process that the VPN server uses is called tunneling where any data that are stored in the computer system cannot be transferred to other networks without additional costs in doing it.

This can both work to both public and private networks and still can avoid any interference from any third party. Maintaining the anonymity of the user can be more guaranteed with the VPN.

This is more reliable to use in protecting the confidential data and ensuring that there will definitely no leakage will happen. Moreover, the VPN can easily access other networks compared to the proxy. This Virtual Private Network can be used by any internet provider. This more expensive compared to the proxy.

However, the user needs to multiple VPNs in handling multiple users. Although VPN converts the network to massive Ethernet Cable no one can ever penetrate your system and pry to your private information.



Differences between the proxy server and the VPN server


The proxy can be taken as carriers, who help delivery your package to another person, VPN (Virtual Private Network) will be like the person’s office staff, who also helps you deliver your package to that person.

Supposed that your colleague is more reliable than the carrier(for Data delivery by encrypting and creating a secure ‘tunnel’ between remote users and the VPN server)So, VPN is safer than Proxy. The above information that are discussed above are the differences between the proxy and the VPN server.

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