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Top 4 VPNs for Malaysia

  A virtual private network (VPN – is a network that can be used in order to establish a long distance or highly secure network connection to anywhere across the globe. Now, if you are in Malaysia and want to get in touch with your clients across the globe, nothing can work better than VPN for Malaysia. Having... Read More »

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Choose Your MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) VPN Service Wisely

  As it comes to technology approaches, the MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) refers to a consistent mechanism employed to accelerate the deliverance of network services to numerous protocols including Internet Protocol, Asynchronous Transport Mode and frame relay net protocols. The VPN, on the other hand, make use of commonly used telecom framework, just like the Internet in order to... Read More »

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Point to point, secured, dedicated connection, advantages and limitations

  Virtual private network is highly recommended to work with a private network ensures secured network connections. It can be used for business purpose not for individuals, and it can be connected to the network from home interior. To send or receive data, to create a secured connection with a long distance network is ensured by VPN. Extending the... Read More »

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Why is it Necessary to have VPN for Usenet?

  Downloading files via Usenet can land you in trouble especially with increased copyright trolling on the Internet. So, for users who are heavily into binary files downloading via Usenet, it would be ideal for them to stay anonymous for various reasons. VPN for Usenet   Some of the reasons for using VPN for Usenet are: >>  Increased download... Read More »

uProxy Ensures Data Security – Comparison with normal VPN service Rate It

uProxy Ensures Data Security – Comparison with normal VPN service

  Internet is undoubtedly the fastest data transfer system in the digital world. Almost 99 percent employees in commercial sectors use computers. They need to share official documents, files and various types of PDF files via internet. Therefore, at present it is the most urgent job for a technocrat to install the broadband interface to upgrade his laptop. In... Read More »

Bittorrent with VPN vs. Usenet Rate It

Bittorrent with VPN vs. Usenet

  With an increased number of complaints about people downloading copyright material from the Internet via Bittorrent and other P2P filesharing software applications, it is time that they safeguard themselves by using VPN. However, users are now more conscious about their online profiles and they are showing interest in Usenet which costs almost the same as VPN. So, the real question... Read More »

Internet Security – A Solution Named After The Issue Rate It

Internet Security – A Solution Named After The Issue

  Internet Security is both an issue and a solution named and referred with the same words. It’s an issue when internet users who use the facility for several types of jobs, like website surfing, online banking, ecurrency transfers, internet marketing, chatting, blogging and much more; face the threat of getting their sensitive information leaked out, or their machine hijacked... Read More »

Access Rhapsody with VPN Service Outside of the US Rate It

Access Rhapsody with VPN Service Outside of the US

  If you want to download and access songs and other content then Rhapsody is a good option for you as this has a low monthly fee. The service is available for a wide range of devices and it’s a popular one. The main problem with this service is that it’s not available outside of the US which makes it impossible for others... Read More »

Comparison Study on VPN and I2P Rate It

Comparison Study on VPN and I2P

  I2P or invisible internet project is a sort of internet browsing network. It helps people to send files and encrypted messages anonymously. The original IP address of the sender of the data is not recognizable or traceable. It increases the degree of data safekeeping/security. I2P and VPN –Both Capable of Maintaining Privacy to Send Data   However, like I2P, the independent VPN/... Read More »

Connect To Office Intranet from Your Vacation Spot Using VPN Rate It

Connect To Office Intranet from Your Vacation Spot Using VPN

  Are you travelling and suddenly need to access an important business file that is located on the intranet of your organization? All you need is a VPN or Virtual Private Network that will help you connect to the intranet remotely by means of a virtual network. What is it actually   VPN can be explained as a network that builds a network connection... Read More »

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