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Better VPN is a new VPN service helps users with online security and anonymity through their VPN servers, guarantees fast surfing and downloads with no traffic limits.Better VPN offer SSTP protocol that can be set on Windows 7 and Vista and it uses “HTTPS:443” port that can not be blocked.VPN servers in four countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.


Better VPN Servers Details


Package US/UK/CA VPN Australia VPN
1 month $5 $7
3 months (save 10%) $13.50 $18.90
6 months (save 20%) $24 $33.60
12 months (save 30%) $42 $58.80


BetterVPN also offers new registered members free 3 hours trial account to test their VPN service.You can choose multiple locations for an account, extra locations cost EX-10% of actual price.


BetterVPN helps users with online security and anonymity via,

Australia VPN servers
Canada/CA VPN servers
United Kingdom/UK VPN servers
United States/USA VPN servers

You can easy use their Desktop App Or Config on your OS via VPN Setup connect to server. Here is VPN servers  setting information.

SECRET KEY (US) b15n2112ep

SECRET KEY (UK) uktyr64gbb

HOST NAME (Canada)
SECRET KEY (Canada) cased73gft

HOST NAME (Russia)
SECRET KEY (Russia) rugytr9isa

HOST NAME (Australia)
SECRET KEY (Australia) augfje3pf2

Better VPN is compliant with PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocols.This wide selection of available protocol support for a wide range of users.

SSTP  (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) is Microsoft’s own SSL VPN is the most secure protocol, And it’s a good solution for the users who PPTP is blacked by their ISP. But only available for Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7.

PPTP  (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) is the most widely and commonly used protocols for VPN.Basic encryption (128-bit), working with all operating system, It’s extends compatibility to mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones / tablets,Windows Mobile, Symbian,Tomato USB,Sabai OS,also DD-wrt Routers.

Though PPTP is faster than L2TP but considering the fact that the latter assures better security, the decision to use L2TP would indeed be an advisable one.


Bandwidth Limitations: Unlimited
Types of IP: Shared / dynamic IPs
Encryption Strength: 28-2048 Secure Encrypted Channel
p2p Allowed: No
Other features DD-WRT router


Security for hotspot surfers.better vpn app
US or Euro IP anywhere
Easy to use Desktop App.
High speed connection, Unlimited bandwidth.
Unblock websites overseas.
Unblock VOIP applications.
128-2048 Secure Encrypted Channel.
Create ready to use account in a minute.
Custom account with prefered locations.
Surf and be anonymous.
PPTP, L2TP IPsec and SSTP protocols.


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